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Logo Nest is a book of logo designs curated for designers, by designers available in print and a digital edition. Not only is it a visual treat, but it also includes informative articles authored by industry experts and designers. We are aimed at exclusivity through opportunity, reaching for artistic brilliance and hoping inspire other artists and even clients beyond an aesthetic level. The book is created to inspire those within the design community through both digital and print platforms. Access the latest in design online, or showcase your interest in your library or on your office coffee table by buying the print version. Read more about


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More than 400 logos from designers
worldwide plus articles:

The power of a good logo – Leighton Hubbell, Globalogozation – Alen Pavlovic, The logo is dead, long live the brand mark – David Ansett, No!Spec – Kevin Huges, The role of sketching in the creative process – Steve Zelle, Is a logo worth thousand words – Gareth Hardy, Marrying metaphor and symbol – Tim Lapetino, Mikos – Case Study – Thomas Bossee, Ethnique – Case Study – Roger Oddone, Redwave Systems – Case Study – Jacob Cass

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More than 400 logos from designers
worldwide plus articles:

Strategy before design – Richard Baird, Logostration – Alen Pavlovic, Creating your own ‘type’ of logo – Jeff Fisher, The keyword is identity: The paradoxical use of trends – Josh Hayes, Longevity in the logo business – Leighton Hubbell, Logo design – A like for a like – Gareth Hardy, The art of personal branding – Jacob Cass, It’s yours, defend it – Nemanja Veselinovic, Tyrrell Design – Case study – Richard Baird

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More than 350 logos from designers
worldwide plus articles:

Goodbye, Mr. Grey. – Josh Hayes, Brand Makers Staying ‘On-Brand’ – Alen Pavlovic, They might look good in it, but does it fit? – Leighton Hubbell

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